Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome Conifer!

We have had this product in the works for so long, I am surprised its only just now making its was to you fine folks!

This great drawing is different from our usual fingerprint trees because you dont need fingerprints to fill it up and its pretty much one size fits all. What you get is a lovely rendering of a pine tree (or conifer, as we like to call it) minus most of the pine needles. As your guests add their signatures, it starts to fill up and their names look like pine needles. Brilliant! 

The 36"x12" paper size is a standard frame size and perfect from framing without the glass in an entry way in your home or to commemorate a special day. Request custom text to be printed below the drawing to make it truly special. We have one in the entry way of our home and anytime friends and family come over they add to it.

It would be a perfect gift for your savviest host or hostess to keep record of all of their beloved guests and oh so classy.
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