Friday, January 20, 2012

Custom balloon designs

You may love our inventive guestbook thumbprint balloons (originally inspired by UP!..), but we are thrilled how they have sparked the imagination of our clients to request custom designs.

Each week, we get more and more requests for an array of unique drawings to go with the thumbprint balloon concept. The result: a meaningful work of art for each of these clients that represents something that is important to them in their own lives. Here are just a few examples of the custom work we have created upon request.

Special wheels and getaway cars: (we often add cans with strings and a personalized license plate or "just married" sign to the back of the car)

For Jon and Brittany's very NYC wedding:)

Personalized couples to look just like you in your wedding attire! We have a few poses you can choose from, then you let us know what you will be wearing, how you will wear your hair and veil, etc and we make you fly!

Have a special theme for your wedding? This client wanted to carry the mason jar theme throughout every detail of the day, including the guestbook:

Baby showers and birthday parties can be the most fun at time to do a custom guestbook drawing!
We have done monkeys, toy chests, tea cups, teddy bears, tricycles and more:

Custom balloon designs are only $15 more than our standard balloon drawing prices! Check it out, get brainstorming and request yours today.

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