Friday, April 25, 2014

Top Pinterest Trends for Wedding Season!

Wedding season is fast approaching, and in honor of our busiest time of the year, we thought we'd share some of our favorite wedding-related Pins from our Pinterest page! Our Pinterest activity aims to help our customers keep up with current wedding trends, as well as find ideas for specific themed events. Here are some current on-trend concepts we especially love:

1. "Naked" wedding cakes:   


Cakes without traditional frosting are popping up all over Pinterest. The look is rustic and charming: adorn with berries for a more country-picnic feel, or flowers for an elegant touch. 

2. Bring the indoors outdoors

Several recent pins show weddings that re-create traditional chapels in natural settings using pews and door-frames. The result creates a spectacular "cathedral of nature" effect. In another similar trend, indoor furniture (tapestried chairs, pillows) can be set up outside for whimsical guest-seating. 

3. Succulents

Succulents are the new "it" floral for weddings. Especially perfect for the Southwestern or beach wedding, succulents add gorgeous shades of green to your wedding decor. One big plus for succulents (other than their beauty) is their ability to make it through the day without wilting. 

4. Non-traditional Boutonnieres 

Many grooms are opting for boutonnieres that go beyond a simple flower; instead, pin on a family heirloom, or an item that represents the theme of the day, or something handmade and unique. Pinterest abounds with a wide variety of special boutonnieres. 

5. Books!

Is it our new be-Kindled society that is making us so nostalgic for the book? Something is definitely going on, because antiquarian books are showing up everywhere in wedding decor--as table centerpieces, ceremony backdrops, or guest place-cards. We've seen brides and grooms assign a favorite book to each table (instead of a number), or even have a wedding cake shaped and decorated like a stack of books. Maybe in 20 years, someone's wedding cake will be a nostalgic Apple computer, but for now, we love this book trend!

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