Sunday, September 7, 2014

Martha Stewart "American Made" Nominee!

BDT Handmade supports the idea of "handmade" products so much that we included it in our name. We're proud to have created a family company that provides customers a unique and hand-shaped product, all while using quality materials and employing local artists in our community. Martha Stewart's "American Made" contest celebrates those very values, which is why we're excited and honored to be a 2014 nominee.

The "American Made" contest divides homegrown companies into four categories: Crafts, Design, Food, and Style. Within those four headings, there are several sub-categories as well. We are entered under "Crafts" with a sub-category of "Celebrations." From the nominees, judges will pick 1000 finalists based on creativity, workmanship, appearance, and American-made values. Ten of those finalists will be chosen as award winners. 

Please check out our write-up on the American Made site, and then click on the Facebook or Twitter share buttons that are underneath our product pictures. The more social media shares we get, the higher our chance to become a finalist. Every share helps! Official voting for the contest finalists will begin on September 15th. 

Drawing in our backyard studio with child and dog. :)

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