Thursday, October 16, 2014

American Made Vendor: Crunchy Mamas

We were immediately drawn to the Crunchy Mamas, Ashley Kahl and Katie Newman, not only because of their amazing organic beauty and wellness products, but because they look like they are having so much FUN.

These two friends and in-laws got the inspiration for their company when, as they say on their American Made site, "Ashley got knocked up." (Ashley has four boys with her husband Steven; Katie is married to Ashley's brother Dustin, and they have two children.) Having children made the two re-evaluate the products they were using on themselves their precious little ones:

A vital part of having babies is making the best decisions you can for them on their behalf. Both of us agreed that we wanted to be as chemical free as we could for our children's sake and because those certain products were not readily available to us we began making them ourselves. 

The Crunchy Mamas first started by making lip balm, hand sanitizer, vapor rub, and toothpaste. Now, they offer a wide array of product for babies and adults: everything from diaper rash cream to deodorant to bug spray. Everything is organic and made with chemical-free, natural ingredients. Despite the company's growing demand, Katie still makes all the products and labels by hand in her kitchen.

What we especially love about the Crunchy Mamas is their sense of humor and their desire to be real and transparent with their customers. Their Instagram page takes customers into fun personal moments and also the process of making and marketing their products. These two women truly believe in what they are doing, and they want their customers to share in their mission to lead natural, healthy lives. 

And now to the best part! When we reached out to Ashley and Katie about featuring them, they awesomely offered to let us do a "Mama Basket" giveaway of some of their best products for mothers or expectant mamas-to-be! 

Here's what the basket will include (along with Ashley's explanation of the products):
Baby Lotion Stick - our lotion is amazing.  It's not water based so it is really rich and creamy.  This particular lotion is lavender-chamomile.
Hand Sanitizer - contains witch hazel, aloe vera gel, and organic lemon and grapefruit essential oils.
Scab Stick - our organic first aid ointment.  Comes in a stick for so it is easy to apply and easy for kids to use themselves.
Menth Head - organic vapor rub.  Also comes in a stick so that your hands don't get gross wiping goo.
Baby Butt Balm - organic {cloth diaper friendly} diaper rash ointment. What do you know, also comes in a tube :)  This is loaded with lavender, tea tree, and chamomile essential oils. It is by far my favorite product!

To win this incredible basket, simply LIKE or SHARE our post from the BLEU DE TOI Facebook page. We'll keep track of everyone and randomly draw a winner this evening. 

We think these products would make a perfect baby shower gift for a future Crunchy Mama. Here at Bleu de Toi, we have a wide array of fingerprint guestbooks that work especially well for baby. Mamas of the crunchy persuasion can feel confident that we use the best (acid-free, dye based) archival materials for our guestbooks. Also, a reminder that all BDT items are 17% off through October 19th for our anniversary sale. 

Thank you Crunchy Mamas for the peek into your company and for providing that awesome gift basket! We can't wait to try your products, and good luck in the American Made contest!


  1. Would most definitely love to try out their stuff!

  2. LOVE IT!! Once I became a mom, I too, took a good look at the products I use and now try and go the natural way. Keep it going mamas!!

  3. Hooray for Crunchy Mamas everywhere!

  4. Their stuff is phenomenal! !!!