Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Krista & Craig's Los Angeles River Center and Gardens Wedding

Krista email me some photos recently and had a great story about how important the fingerprint tree we made for her was to their wedding. I just had to share:
"I'm not sure you can see it from the small pics but our tree is actually full of little birds, butterfly's and hearts.  We didn't mean for it to be that way at all!  To quickly recap - our wedding items were all stored at my husbands apartment while we were engaged.  The morning of the wedding all of our helpers arrived to transport everything to the wedding location and they cleared out the bedroom where I had been storing everything.  Trying to protect the tree until the big day it had been put in it's frame and stored in the empty closet.  Flash forward hours later when we had started taking our wedding photos before the ceremony and we walked past the tree/sign in table... that had everything but the framed tree on it... It didn't take us more than a few seconds to realize that it was back in our apartment, in a closet, and we were an hour and a half away at the wedding site with the only keys to the place.

Our wedding coordinator/friend called one of her friends that lived near us but that we had never met before to see if she would be willing to go and get it for us.  Not only did she break one of our windows with a brick and find the tree in the apartment but she drove it out to the wedding location in L.A. an hour and a half from where our apartment is.

By the time the tree was set up and ready to go the wedding was well under way.  Our guests were able to put their finger prints on the tree at the reception but with our ladies who were welcoming people absent by that time - there was no one to explain that the bride and groom were the only birds on the tree and that they were making leaves!  We now have a very artistic tree filled with personalized birds that are so cute!  We wouldn't change a thing. 

The tree was such a big success at our wedding and everyone loved it.  Thanks so much for helping personalize our day!"
-Krista and Craig

Photos of their big day via Kristi Fontamillis Photography:

Set in the lovely Los Angeles River Center and Gardens (a hidden gem in LA), Krista & Craig's wedding was full of beautiful vintage-inspired details, white lights, candles, italian sodas, hand-carved fruit, delicious little desserts and frozen yogurt (thank-you, Pinkberry!). 

Krista's beautiful sisters
Her father married them. So special :-) 

First wedding I've been to where they've had Pinkberry serve some of their delicious swirly goodness! Fabulous idea!

Bleu de Toi handmade fingerprint guestbook tree
Krista found an artist on Etsy who makes these beautiful tree drawings. Instead of  signing a traditional guestbook, all the guests left their fingerprints on the tree, so it was filled with little "birds" and "leaves." Such a fun idea. 

And they're off . . .

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