Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make it Fly!

I think there are few people who haven't caught the whimsy of Up! yet but if you haven't seen it, you should really check it out. We love this movie. It so beautifully captures and array of human emotion themes from true love and the spirit of adventure to human kindness and the belief that dreams really can come true with, with a little creativity. The emotion of this sweet graphic image of a house being floated by a bunch of balloons was our inspiration for BDT's line of guest book fingerprint balloon drawings. Just as each guest's fingerprint make our wedding trees blossom, each guest's thumbprint creates a balloon that makes this dream really fly. 
Just as Up! is a universally pleasing theme, the fingerprint balloons are perfect for baby showers and birthday parties as much as they are for weddings and anniversaries. 

 Read more about how some scientists made this dream come true and brought the Up! house to life!