Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It combines great food with family and loved ones while providing the opportunity to look back on the blessings of the past year. What could be better! We have so much to be thankful for this year. I went full time with Bleu de Toi, working from home and we welcomed a new member of our family into existence.

Big family gatherings at Thanksgiving are a joy to remember. Now you can remember them for many years to come and use this work of art as a lovely fall decor each year as well.

For a limited time, Bleu de Toi Handmade is offering this wreath design with the text "Give Thanks" above with 3 inks for the low price of $50 (plus shipping & handling). Just in time for your Thanksgiving celebration. **Submit payment by November 15 for delivery before Thanksgiving.**
Leave an impression of a memorable day with a unique, and personal, way to record your guests! Interactive, creative and a beautiful keepsake to cherish for years to come! This guestbook alternative is a work of art to hang on your wall and appreciate for years to come.

Each fingerprint fills in as the foliage to the wreath and your loved ones sign next to or over their fingerprint. How touching!

Pens not included. Choose 3 of your favorite fall ink colors included in this low price. (Scatted straw yellow, tea dye and aged mahogany shown in the example). Or choose other holiday colors and use it for an upcoming Christmas or Chanukah celebration! Visit our etsy store to check it out:

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