Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New balloon designs

Two years ago, BDT Handmade started selling our totally original design of the thumbprint balloon house, inspired by the movie 'UP!'

Since then, the concept has grown to convey so many versions of the idea. All of your loved ones marks making something special to you fly. The tandem bike thumbprint balloon is one of our most popular designs for weddings, representing marriage beautifully. Many of our creative clients have asked for so many different ways to represent the thumbprint balloon idea, that we've decided to share some of our favorites with all of you, available for purchase. All of these are now up in our etsy shop, or check out some other more custom designs to help get you inspired for something special for your wedding, birthday party or upcoming special event.

Great for birthdays: the Elephant balloon, monkey balloon and tricycle balloon designs are loads of fun!

Great for weddings: dream a little dream with the Over the Moon Design, fly into the sunset with the Vintage Prop Plane design (available upon request), float away in style with the Hot Air Balloon Basket Design

Check them all out and see what inspires you!

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