Monday, September 23, 2013

Why we dont do canvas with fingerprints

For many reasons, we do not offer any of our fingerprint designs on canvas.

First is that the texture of canvas makes getting detail of the beautiful delicate lines of our drawings nearly impossible.

Second: While doing a fingerprint in wet paint on canvas may work, stamp ink does not stick well to canvas. Wet paint is messy and hard to deal with for a wedding and lots of people (think dry time...) and may turn out to be a disaster. The dye based stamping ink we offer dries quickly and works well off of skin. Trust us, weve done A LOT of testing all sorts of ways to do this.

Thirdly: While a stretchered canvas may be nice because its ready to go and you don't have to frame it, its much more expensive to mail than artwork rolled in a tube.

Four: The give of a stretched canvas makes it hard for the average non-artsy Jo to make neat marks. It is helpful to have a hard surface behind the artwork for people to stamp their fingers and write their names without give.

All that said, if a guestbook fingerprint art is what you are looking for, we recommend you do it on paper and not canvas.

All of our designs are both drawn and printed onto an artist grade watercolor type paper. It is thick enough to be substantial and thin enough to roll (for shipment). Archival and made to stand the test of time, just dont spill your drink on it;)

Visit our shop today and see our full selection of original drawings on PAPER.

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