Friday, September 27, 2013

Tree Love: The Willow

Ive always felt that the weeping willow is the most romantic of all trees. It just oozes drama and soft affection which makes it the perfect backdrop for intimate couple wedding or engagement photos or an even better wedding ceremony cite. I love this anniversary photo shoot by Becca Dilley Photography in Minnesota.

If you have a special willow tree in your love story, our guest book fingerprint willow tree is just the design for you! Elegantly drawn with streaming tendrils coming from an asymmetrical tree body, this lovely design is the perfect place for your guests to make their mark on a special day. The memories will live forever as artwork on your wall. This design is only available in sizes M-XL. 

The extra large guest book fingerprint willow tree, just another BDT Handmade Original.

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