Thursday, October 17, 2013

Come Stand Under Our Umbrella: Presenting Baby Shower Umbrella with Thumbprint Raindrops

Snuggling up in a blanket during a storm with a warm cup of hot cocoa and your loved ones can be some of the best moments. While rain may scare some, we here at BDT see the peacefulness and tranquility that rain can bring to the home.

 In addition, bringing your young one home for the first time or celebrating a birthday sculpts beautiful memories that will last with you for a lifetime. Thus we have brought together the tranquility of rain and the joy of your child with our new product: Baby Shower Umbrella with Thumbprint Raindrops. 

This is also a great theme for your nursery or a baby shower you might host and perfect for the happy mamma expecting boy, girl or a gender neutral shower.

Find the perfect way to remember your little one'e special day at BDT Handmade . 

'Cover' your that special day with our Thumbprint Raindrops Umbrella. You and your guests will shower your baby with love and comfort. 

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