Friday, October 18, 2013

Introducing a New Service! Damaged Fingerprint Guestbook Reproduction

We would like to think that all of the guests at your wedding will be perfectly behaved angels and that that the fingerprint guestbook concept is fool-proof.  But, in reality, people are human and sometimes it doesn't go all as planned. The vast majority of guestbooks we send out do turn out fantastic, but when they don't, we have a new solution to help you out! This sister of the bride had some trouble with their guestbook balloon at the wedding. A pen got dropped on it on one corner, a few stray thumbprints were wiped in another and someones drink dripped on it and smudged the text. She was devastated that it was not perfect, but I'm so glad we were able to help!
She sent us the original damaged guestbook art, after the wedding, and we had it professionally scanned, then edited it remaking what was damaged and preserving the most important parts (the fingerprints and signatures of her loved ones). We thoughtfully reproduced the poster on the same beautiful fine art paper the original was made on, matching each color, that you would never be able to tell that it had been reprinted.

Maybe you weren't happy with the results of your special artwork after your guests marked it all up or maybe you are just worried that your guests might mess it up. Rest at ease knowing that it can always be fixed! Just send us what you have and we will make it beautiful and new. The service is just $35 plus the cost of return shipping to you (prices vary based upon country mostly).

Contact us if you think you might need help cleaning up a mess.

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