Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coming soon!

Bleu de Toi small custom balloon house
Bleu de Toi small custom car balloonWe have had such a fun time with all of the custom requests for different cute balloon guest books since our original flying house, flying love bug and other balloon designs came out. Bleu de Toi is the original creator of the guest book thumbprint balloon concept.
People have sent in pictures of their cars, subways and all sorts of things to be lifted away.

For some time we have been developing an exciting new product as the logical next step in our original guest book fingerprint balloon designs: couples!

Coming soon is an adorable line of couples (brides and grooms) clinging to the balloon strings for their guests to fill up as balloon thumbprints.

We will have a few different stances to choose from with minor elements of customization to make it truly yours.

Thanks for all of your support. Stay tuned for images of this exciting new product in the next couple of days.

Isnt this couple cute with their balloons?
Credit Sugar Six photography.

Bleu de Toi small custom pig with balloons
Bleu de Toi small custom bike with balloons

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