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Noah & Courtney's Paramount Ranch Wedding Featured on Green Wedding shoes

I love everything about Paramount Ranch here in LA in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was the site of my own wedding. It is a gorgeous location in the mountains and even has part of an old western town where they used to film movies and tv shows! It's so full of character. I loved making a tree for Noah and Courtney so much because we shared our wedding location in common. Her sweet sister ordered it for her not know that our wedding was where she had originally found out about Paramount Ranch. Here are bits of their rightful feature, via Green Wedding Shoes:

Thanks so much to the lovely and talented Matt + Angie Sloan of Sloan Photographers for sharing this gorgeous wedidng with GWS. Thanks to Courtney for sharing some details into their gorgeous day.
cowboy boots wedding
bride with flower belt
The inspiration for our wedding really just drew from our relationship and personal style. We really wanted it to feel like “us” and help tell our story which the venue helped a lot. We met at a Cowboy Bar and both love nature, film and vintage americana so when we came across Paramount Ranch we were instantly in love. The “western town” setting brought our relationship full-circle, and the character and quaint backdrops limited our need to spend a lot on decorations while also giving our guests fun photo-ops after the ceremony.
Since the venue is a state park, we had to be out before sunset, which during the fall is rather early. It was perfect for us though because we are both infamously obsessed with coffee, so we had a custom espresso bar after the ceremony, a gourmet picnic style lunch and didn’t have to rent heaters or lighting. We really wanted our guests to have plenty to do but still have a laid-back vibe so we had lawn games like horseshoes and croquet, which were a big hit and helped our guests mingle easily. The band we hired plays at a flea market that we attend monthly together (also where we shopped for many decor pieces) and they provided the perfect lively ambiance during the reception as well as a little nostalgia for us as a couple.

sloan photography
wedding program and map
outdoor wedding ceremony

groom with sherif badge
wedding cd favor love songs
Polaroids are a shared love. Noah used them in his proposal and we used them for our guest book. I had a beautiful vintage print sketch book I’d owned for years and was waiting for the perfect occasion to use. We had our guests take polaroids of themselves and insert them into the book and it was very special to look through afterwards and see the creative photos, smiling faces and loving words all together.
polaroid guestbook
rustic wedding centerpieces
dahlia wedding centerpiece
(In addition to the Polaroid guest book, Noah and Courtney were the first to receive a custom finger print tree in our new Low Oak design. - BDT)  
Bleu de Toi wedding fingerprint tree guestbook

ranch wedding reception

Venue: Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, CA
Photography: Sloan Photographers
Cinematography: Aqua Vivus Productions
Wedding Dress: Dress by Sandals, with “Diana” Belt by Enzoani
Hair and Makeup: Megan Herzing
Shoes: Bride’s boots are by Frye and Groom’s boots are by Redwing
Bridesmaid Dress: Anthropologie
Groom Suit: Banana Republic, tie from Urban Outfitters
Desserts: Cupcakes and cheesecakes made by friends, two small cakes by Susiecakes Bakery with flowers added after
Hand-drawn Guest book: Bleu de Toi
Reception Band: Riff Raff Vintage Swing
Catering: Huntington Catering Company
Guest book Fingerprint tree art: Bleu de Toi

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