Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Medium: Guestbook drawing options for events with 90-150 guests

Our most commonly requested guestbook drawing size is medium. It perfect for events with 90-150 guests. 18x24" is also a really reasonable size to frame with a nice standard frame and is easy to find a spot to hang on any wall after its all filled up. Here are some design options for MEDIUM:

medium Low Oak tree
medium Cherry Blossom tree
medium Gnarled Elm tree
medium Tall Birch/Aspen tree

original medium Great Oak tree
medium Jacaranda tree
medium twisted oak tree for 90-120 guests
medium twisted oak tree for 120-150 guests (our most popular design)
original True Woodcut tree in Costal Cypress (shown on off-white paper, also available on colored paper)
The Conifer tree is great if you don't want to deal with fingerprints and its pretty much one size fits all.
Fingerprint balloons can be done in any size:
Guestbook Thumbprint Tandem Balloon Design; to ride off with your sweetheart!
Guestbook Thumbprint Love Bug Balloon design; perfect for the vintage chic couple
Original guestbook thumbprint house of dreams balloon design; for your big adventure together
Also available in any size are custom balloon drawing designs for an additional $15! Check out some of the original designs we have done for clients. The sky is the limit!

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