Thursday, May 10, 2012

Underneath the Cottonwood Tree: Introducing a new tree design

We are happy to introduce a totally new tree design in our library of very popular guest fingerprint trees! Known for their lovely amber colors in the Fall and floating snow-like pollen in the Spring, the cottonwood tree, a type of poplar, is the state tree of Wyoming but can be found all over North America (due to their ever floating pollen).

We are excited to office this new gem to our family of trees and are currently offering the size large cottonwood tree at a discounted price. Snatch it up and use this iconic design to memorialize a special day. Size small and medium cottonwoods may be available soon, or upon request.

Large Cottonwood tree shown here with mustard seed, scattered straw, tea dye, pumice stone and barn door inks. Text in Classic font.

Check out the listing on etsy today!