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Thank you for your interest in our guest book trees, and other products. Please visit our etsy shop first. Most of our standard offerings are in stock there. If you cant find what you're looking for or have a custom design in mind, please provide us with the following details, so that we can get your order started and assign you a projected completion time. You will be contacted prior to that date with a notice that your reserved listing is up and ready to purchase.

Doing a custom car, house or special animal with thumb print balloon strings is a fun way to personalize this unique concept. 
We are also always open to new ideas that might work within our given style. Keep in mind we will not copy or recreate the original art work of another artist or designer.

Please email us with the following details:
- When is your event?
- How many guests do you expect?
- What did you have in mind for your custom design?
- Linked or attached images for inspiration or reference always help!- What personalized text would you like beneath the design?
- What font would you like the text in? Check out our text options and stamp pad colors here.
- What color ink pads would you like to go with you fingerprint artwork? Check out our color and font choices here. 

Small custom additions to standard designs are generally $6 each, based upon size and intricacy. New custom designs are generally price $15-20 more than standard designs for the custom drawing work. Once we receive your details we can give you a quote and timeline.
Our regular production schedule is approximately 3-4 weeks. If you have contacted us far enough in advance and are not requesting a RUSH order, we should have no trouble fitting your custom order in. Rush production is an additional $50 but may not be available for some very custom work, depending on our current load.

We look forward to working with you!

If you just have questions about our process, products or business, please email us at shopbdt (at) gmail (dot) com
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Custom Couple Thumbprint Balloon

Custom Car Thumbprint Balloon

A view from our studio

For processing your order

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The details in this form serve as a summary of your request. We will use this to make your order but wont start anything until we have received full payment. We do not send proofs of the finished drawing prior to shipping, unless it is a non-standard design or otherwise requested.

Thank you for your request! We will be in touch with you soon regarding payment. Unless otherwise notified, your projected shipment date should be:

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