Friday, September 27, 2013

Tree Love: The Willow

Ive always felt that the weeping willow is the most romantic of all trees. It just oozes drama and soft affection which makes it the perfect backdrop for intimate couple wedding or engagement photos or an even better wedding ceremony cite. I love this anniversary photo shoot by Becca Dilley Photography in Minnesota.

If you have a special willow tree in your love story, our guest book fingerprint willow tree is just the design for you! Elegantly drawn with streaming tendrils coming from an asymmetrical tree body, this lovely design is the perfect place for your guests to make their mark on a special day. The memories will live forever as artwork on your wall. This design is only available in sizes M-XL. 

The extra large guest book fingerprint willow tree, just another BDT Handmade Original.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Why we dont do canvas with fingerprints

For many reasons, we do not offer any of our fingerprint designs on canvas.

First is that the texture of canvas makes getting detail of the beautiful delicate lines of our drawings nearly impossible.

Second: While doing a fingerprint in wet paint on canvas may work, stamp ink does not stick well to canvas. Wet paint is messy and hard to deal with for a wedding and lots of people (think dry time...) and may turn out to be a disaster. The dye based stamping ink we offer dries quickly and works well off of skin. Trust us, weve done A LOT of testing all sorts of ways to do this.

Thirdly: While a stretchered canvas may be nice because its ready to go and you don't have to frame it, its much more expensive to mail than artwork rolled in a tube.

Four: The give of a stretched canvas makes it hard for the average non-artsy Jo to make neat marks. It is helpful to have a hard surface behind the artwork for people to stamp their fingers and write their names without give.

All that said, if a guestbook fingerprint art is what you are looking for, we recommend you do it on paper and not canvas.

All of our designs are both drawn and printed onto an artist grade watercolor type paper. It is thick enough to be substantial and thin enough to roll (for shipment). Archival and made to stand the test of time, just dont spill your drink on it;)

Visit our shop today and see our full selection of original drawings on PAPER.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Custom Couple Balloon Examples

One of the most fun things about what we do is getting to connect with so many brides, and grooms, in such a fun stage of their relationship and wedding planning. We love all of our customers, but we do have to communicate quite a bit more with those that chose to order custom couple balloons from us.

These can be personalized by choosing one of three stances, then sharing with us what you and your sweetheart will be wearing on your big day. The artwork, in the end looks like you two holding, or being carried away by, balloon thumbprints of all of your special loved ones that attended the wedding!

Here are a few examples of custom couple drawings we have done.

 A few colorful inks brighten any room in your home as this cheery design reminds you of that special day.

 Three different stances are available to customize with your dress, suit, hair and veil details.

Visit our etsy shop today and pick out which one you like best, then an artist will email you for details on your wedding attire.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

On the go! New Design: Red Getaway Scooter Couple with Thumbprint Balloons

Its always exciting when a client's vision inspires a new product to offer to more possible couples. This sweet red scooter is the perfect getaway vehicle for a cool couple of newlyweds donning helmets and shades. Strings are drawn tied to the back of the scooter, flying behind them so that they carry the mark of their loved ones in tow.

This idea came to us from a couple in Australia. The design is now for sale in our shop and comes in red, though we could change the color of the scooter, upon request.
Book your vintage Vespa today then come on over to BDT Handmade and let us make you a personalized guestbook that will blow your guests away!

We were inspired by these stylish rides!

Photo by Kailey J. Flynn Photography