Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Aloha, love! Welcome the new thumbprint lei:

We are super excited to announce a new design I have been wanting to show you for some time now! I often get requests for tropical, destination wedding ideas and, since I dont think palm trees and fingerprints look great together, I have a hard time figuring out what to suggest. This is the perfect option for your tropical wedding!

 Floral leis are often used in tropical wedding locations as a symbol of your eternal love in blossom. Remember your special day by having your beloved guests fill in an eternal lei with thumbprint plumeria petals!

Available in small an xs sizes. Our standard size XSmall is on 11x14” paper, perfect for 12 guests, if you want each person to have their own flower, or 30-40 guest fingerprints, within the petals. The size small is on 16x20" paper, perfect for 23 guests, if you want each person to have their own flower, or 60-85 guest fingerprints, within the petals. 

Each listing is being sold with two ink pads, right now. It also looks great with just one. Check out the combinations I have prepared for beautiful plumeria tones to go with your tropical wedding.
Take advantage of this brand new design. Available from our shop on today.