Saturday, July 23, 2011

Don't leave your fingerprint art unattended!

The unique guest log fingerprint drawing is a great way to capture the memory of your loved ones on your special day in a work of art. You will have it up in your home together forever and will be a cherished keepsake.

It's also a fun way for your guests to do something different and feel involved at your wedding or event. Sort of like a clean craft time. Don't worry about them getting a little ink on their finger, it can be how you know who has signed and who hasn't;) The ink dries super fast and is not going to get on anyone's clothes, especially if you provide wipes for them. It may leave a little tinge to their finger though (depending on the color).

Some guests, or crashers, feel particularly inspired to be creative in front of this work of art. You want to make sure they don't go too far and know what to do. This is a simple fix. Enlist a friendly relative, cousin or friend not in the wedding party, to stick by the guest book table (or have a few take shifts so that everyone can enjoy the party). They can encourage people to participate so that you can get as many guests as possible to make their mark. They also clue people in and explain the concept of the fingerprint tree or balloon, even direct where the best place to put their fingerprint would be to make it nice and even. This is especially important for the balloons! Since its not a traditional guest book, you want someone to direct them with the stamping and wiping and signing.

You would not believe the stories of guests stamping right next to your birds, over your initials on the tree trunk and crossing things out, putting their baby's entire footprint on the tree (!!), or testing their fingerprint on the edges of the paper! If someone is watching over this future heirloom of yours, you should be able to prevent disasters like these from happening.

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